Tantalum metal Ta 99.9% (solid 2g pellet)

4419.84 РУБ

Micro Powders, Micro Powders MnO2,Micro Powders ZnO,Micro Powders SnO2,Micro Powders ATO,Micro Powders Bi2O3,Micro Powders BaTiO3,Micro Powders SiC,Micro Powders BN.. Online shopping from a great selection at Chinaium Store. 주기율표 제4족에 속하는 금속원소. 1912년 프랑스의 g.위르뱅은 개플리나이트에서 추출한 루테튬과 이테르븀의 분별.. 텅스텐 (W * Tungsten) - 전문 공급 업체 - 판재, 시트, 플레이트, 코일, 포일, 봉재, 환봉, 와이어, 튜브.. United Nuclear : Element Samples - What's New Radiation and Nuclear Chemistry Tools And Equipment Electronic & Electrical General Science General Interest Neodymium..

Solid 99 95% tantalum metal meltpellet 2g pure. Tantalum metal Ta 99.9% (solid 2g pellet)

This table lists the elements by their name and gives some historical prices for them and their commonly traded compounds. The first of the two price columns shows.. Properties Physical properties. Pure thulium metal has a bright, silvery luster, which tarnishes on exposure to air. The metal can be cut with a knife, as it has a.. Photographs and descriptions of many samples of the element Tungsten in the Periodic Table. Data, information, popular uses and chemical compositions of wire mesh and wire cloth. Aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, galvanized, Monel, T-304 & T-316 stainless steel Review on hydrometallurgical recovery of rare earth metals from various resources • Various leachants used to recover rare earths from primary and secondary resources Open Access Policy: This journal adopts Open Access model to transmit electronic version of articles to readers without any subscription or fee and to archive in a.. Packaging 100 cm 2 in rigid mailer Quantity 50x50 mm (approximately 10.4 g) 100x100 mm (approximately 41.6 g) General description Inframat Advanced Materials LLC, 151 Progress Drive, Manchester, CT 06042 USA phone: (860)553-6154 fax: (860) 553-6645 sales.. - Catalyst materials: High surface materials: Aluminia, nano noble metal on active Carbon etc., Carbon molecular seive, and metal alloys, and other porous support etc. A metal (from Greek μέταλλον métallon, "mine, quarry, metal") is a material that, when freshly prepared, polished, or fractured, shows a lustrous appearance..

99.9% High Purity YTTRIUM Y Metal Carved Element Periodic Table Coin Shape
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5 grams pure Vanadium metal fragments 99.9% purity element sample
4419.84 РУБ
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