99.5% alumina tube / furnace tube / OD*ID*L=10*7.4*400mm / ceramic tube / vacuum furnace tube

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Complete, illustrated instructions for the synthesis of several different chemical compounds, outlines of lab procedures and methods utilized for the manufacture of.. TEMP ELEMENT Material Ceramic Grade 2 (NC) Ceramic Grade1 (HB) Alumina (SSA-H) Pure Alumina (SSA-S) Silicon Carbide (SiC) Operating Temp.( ) 900 900 900 EXPERTISE IS OUR STRENGTH Standards: Typical Available Range Rods from 6.35mm to 289mm diameter Squares from 6.35mm to 201 mm Flats Equal leg Angles from 12.70mm wires, insulators and protection tubes metal sheathed thermocouple ultra high temperature thermocouple thermowell general , multi-pair , armoured , mineral insulated.. Back to Sam's Laser FAQ Table of Contents. Home-Built Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser Sub-Table of Contents. Basic Home-Built CO2 Laser Information. Introduction to Home..

WIRES, INSULATORS AND PROTECTION TUBES METAL. 99.5% alumina tube / furnace tube / OD*ID*L=10*7.4*400mm / ceramic tube / vacuum furnace tube

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1pcs tweeter Silk membrane tweeters Speaker CT-2101 4-inch 70W 8 ohm for amplifier power
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MKB40*20R Rotary clamping pneumatic cylinder MKB40-20R Corner cylinder MKB40-20L MKB40*20L
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